My London Adventure

Somehow, without too many doubts and fears, I found myself moving to London.

I mean, sure, there were some doubts and there definitely were some fears, but not in my wildest dreams would I have even tried to imagine that I, the 30 year old who still misses her parents after not seeing them for 3 days, would pack my bags (five suitcases to be precise) and go on a plane to London.

It started from a naive Facebook post that suddenly popped on my screen.

El-Al are looking for security assistants in London.

Ok, I’ve worked for El-Al before, wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. But hey- it’s London! Steve lives only a couple of hours away (“only” was kind of a nightmare in reality), and maybe this is my chance to finally be a cool, independent woman. Maybe living in a whole different place will finally give me the motivation I need for all the things I’ve always wanted to do! Photography lessons in London! Pottery lessons in London! Writing the blog about me in London!


Not always as they seem in your head.

Tel-Aviv, I’ve missed you, I guess I just needed a break from you.

I’m back!

For now 😉


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