Left my heart in Rome+ Tel-Aviv Confession

I think that it’s safe to say that something has shifted in my heart and mind in the last couple of months about Tel-Aviv. 

I used to proudly think that no city (not even London or New-York) can beat my unique, sunny, vibrant home. But then something happened… in less than five months I travelled to four amazing cities (some of which were my second time around), and then it hit me. The saying “no place like home” isn’t always correct. 

It hit me the hardest after my Florence trip, which was the first time that I was away from home and didn’t want to go back, which is what usually happened to me while being abroad- towards the end of the trip the same feeling would pop up- Tel-Aviv is the best, take me home! But not this time….

SO- Although I’m not ready to completely abandon  my thoughts and recommendations of Tel-Aviv… it’s very likely that a great amount of posts (maybe even most of them) would be about completely different things and places 🙂 Tel-Aviv- you definitely have competition!

And with that being said, let’s skip to my Rome trip that took place a couple of months ago and officially made Italy #1 in my heart.

Rome was a family trip to celebrate my cousin’s 16th birthday. We had five days to explore the city with two main goals in mind:

  1. To wander the streets and small alleys, literally to get lost in the city…
  2. To eat, eat and eat some more

There’s no doubt that the entire city is so beautiful, no matter where you go you’re surrounded by beautiful architecture, piazzas, romantic alleys, stylish boutiques and so much history. 

Rome is divided into 22 districts/neighborhoods- also known in Italian as “Rioni”. Our two favorite districts were ‘Monti’ and ‘Trastevere’, But I’ve decided to focus mainly on beautiful Monti, that totally blew our mind away. 


Monti is one of Rome’s old residential neighborhoods and it retains a bohemian edge. It’s a great spot for good coffee, local street food and alternative fashion shops. Monti is relatively big compared to other neighborhoods in Rome, we focused on the area surrounding “Urbana street” which has lots of cool shops, boutiques, Cafe’s and restaurants. The area has a romantic village feel, with small alleys and amazing atmosphere. Some of our highlights of this neighborhood:

Bar Monti– We started our morning in this cafe and it was absolutely wonderful. The coffee and pastries are great and the atmosphere is nice and chilled. There are plenty of places outside on the terrace and a very beautiful indoor area as well. 

Bar Monti- Via Urbana 93

  • Urbana 47Cool restaurant that specializes in fresh, organic food and focuses on new interpretations to local dishes. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner (gets pretty busy around dinner time so it’s best to make a reservation).  The interior design of the place is modern and impressive, and I recommend checking out the toilets as well 😉 

    Via Urbana 47


  • Avocado BarA super-cool concept food bar that serves everything with Avocado. Delicious, creative, healthy and fun! 

Avocado bar- Via della Madonna dei Monti, 103

  • Mercato Monti- The Urban Market- I highly recommend taking a stroll inside this indoor market! It has vintage clothes, accessories and one-off pieces by local designers. It’s colorful, chic and full of style…. a must to any urban fashion lover. The market is open every Saturday & Sunday 10:00-20:00. Located on Via Leonina 46.

Marina Gozzi Ceramica A very nice and artistic ceramics shop in the heart of Monti. The owners are very friendly and the studio consists of everything from cups, bowls, cute magnets, home decor, small statues and unique pieces. They also have ceramic courses so if you’re staying in Rome for a long period of time- I recommend checking it out! 

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Marina Gozzi Ceramica- Via Tor’ de Conti 16

Rigodritto- A beautiful furniture and home decor studio with very creative work! Rigodritto is a young brand founded in 2000 by Edoardo Maria Giusti. In 2009 he opened the showroom in Monti, and his brother Francesco joined and started a serial production of unique pieces of furniture. All pieces are self-produced in Rome and used with virgin materials. The studio is very inspiring and it’s a great place to get unique, one of a kind pieces. 

The beautiful item that we purchased in Rigoritto Studio: 

Rigodritto- Via Urbana 118
La Casetta-  La Casetta is a hit in Monti. It is known to be the most photographed building in the neighborhood. The little house, covered in ficus and resembling something out of a fairy tale, sits in a quiet area of Monti, perfect for a relaxing chat with friends or to nestle in with the morning newspaper. 

La Casseta

La Casseta- Via della Madonna dei Monti, 62, 00184

The beautiful streets of Monti:


Although it’s located outside of Monti, I just couldn’t skip one of the best restaurant experiences that I’ve ever had in my entire life – Pianostrada.

Pianostrada is located pretty close to Campo de’ Fiori. The space is exceptionally beautiful and includes a plant-filled outdoor patio perfect for warm weather dining. 

Run by two mothers and daughters , Pianostrada has an open kitchen where the talented ladies can be watched. The menu changes seasonally and includes high quality Italian ingredients with a modern refresh on traditional recipes. 

The food is delicious and creative, the service is very professional and friendly, but more than anything- the atmosphere is magical. 


Via delle Zoccolette, 22
00186 Rome (Centro Storico)

A few months had passed since our trip to Rome, but the memories are still fresh in our minds. All we can do is keep reminiscing about this lovely city, and wait patiently for our next visit.

Rome- We will definitely meet again. 

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