5 Coolest Tel-Aviv Neighborhoods – Personal suggestions for your TLV stay

Neve Tzedek

I remember the first time I visited this beautiful Neighborhood, and was amazed on how different it is from the rest of the city. Neve Tsedek is like a small, artistic village in the middle of Tel-Aviv, a peaceful haven and retreat from the typical, hectic streets of the city. The architecture here is amazing with many restored buildings, the streets are narrow and intrigues and the atmosphere is nothing less than magical. Considered to be one of Tel-Aviv’s prettiest areas, Neve Tzedek lies south east of the Yemenite Quarter and the famous Carmel Market and attracts many visitors (both locals and tourists) thanks to it’s unique vibes and beautiful streets. This neighborhood is definitely a must, a great place to stroll around in, have something to eat, see some cute local galleries and boutiques and take in a different, historical vibe of the city. Make sure to bring your camera! 🙂

Yemenite Quarter- Kerem Hateimanim

The meaning of this neighborhood’s name is the ‘Yemen Vineyard’.

This is one of Tel-Aviv’s most authentic neighborhoods, if not the most authentic! Small synagogues, many local restaurants that probably look exactly the same as they did when they just opened decades ago, shops with spices, small alleys and buildings that remain in their original form. The whole area has managed to escape the modern development that took over the rest of the city. Great place to walk around in, eat some Hummus and take in the unique vibes. On Fridays the place is full of life, small hipster coffee shops and loads of people who take a short break from the hectic Carmel Market.


Rothschild – The White City 

Rothschild Blvd. is the most famous and the most visited Blvd in Tel-Aviv. On the northern end of Rothschild you’ll find Habima Theatre, which is Israeli’s national theatre, and the Philharmonic Orchestra, whereas on the southern end you’ll find (among many hip cuisines like “Rothschild 12” and “Cafe Europa”)- the beginning of Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

Rothschild Boulevard is one of the most important and iconic streets in Tel Aviv. Located in the heart of the city, with many restaurants, Cafe’s, bike riders, dog walkers and culture events- this is the perfect place to take a walk, sip on a cup of coffee and do some people watching. Moreover, Rothschild connects to many other interesting areas of the city (Neve Tzedek, Sheinkin, Habima, Ben-Tzion Blvd, Dizengoff Center and more…)




Florentine is located in southern Tel-Aviv and has become over the past few years a young, hip, bohemian neighborhood. Florentine has actually become a place for young artists, musicians, and free minded spirits. By day the neighborhood is a busy commercial center, with local Cafe’s, restaurants and shops (in the past couple of years designers’ boutiques have started opening around the neighborhood) and by night- a center for nightlife lovers. The neighborhood offers many bars, live music and great places for midnight snacks (one of the best pizza’s is on Abarbanel 34! Nothing like a big slice at 2 AM 🙂 )

Another must in this neighborhood is to explore Levinsky Market. Levinsky Market is open the whole week around, and is built differently than the well known markets of  Tel-Aviv, so rather than many stands one after the other- it’s actually an area of many market-shops with almost anything your heart will desire. It’s less hectic and a bit more local than the Carmel Market, and I definitely recommend it! Plus, it’s a great place to get something to eat…


Jaffa- flea market/ Jaffa-old city

The Flea Market- One of my personal favorite spots to hang out in. By day this hip, trendy neighborhood is a must for antique lovers… many shops with old furniture and accessories, and literally an open market of many goods. In the last few years it has also become a hot spot for designers, so among the old, antique shops you will find many local designers’ boutiques, which is a combination that I personally adore.

By night this is a supercool place to hangout in, many small bars and hip places that suddenly appear after the market starts wrapping up its’ finds.

Don’t miss out on walking around the small alleys and walkaways with a nice, refreshing fruit-shake… observing the colors, the fashion, the old vs the new…of this superb neighborhood!




One of the huge benefits of TLV is the ability to explore it, almost completely, by foot. So I would suggest to skip any public transport (as much as your feet can take it 😉 ) and just stroll around…you’d be surprised of the places you’ll find 🙂


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