Top 7 Fashion/Jewelry Boutiques in Tel-Aviv- Personal Favorites

So, like many other females around the world- I love to shop. I love fashion. I have many folders on my desktop with outfits I wish to possess. That being said- Tel-Aviv has a large variety of fashion shops all around…I would skip the regular shopping mall madness and hop on to the fabulous, small street boutiques. These are a few of my favorite spots in the city, that each have a special style of their own:

boutique 5

This is a neighborly fashion boutique, with many unique Israeli designers’ pieces. You’ll be able to find casual wear next to more sophisticated outer wear, some lingerie, bags, accessories and hip jewelry brands all made in TLV. The boutique is located on Lincoln street, which continues  the famous Sheinkin street. Next door you can find one of the busiest Cafe’s in the city- ‘Hatachtit’- which I wrote about here. Definitely a must for fashion lovers who are looking for unique fashion made in Tel-Aviv.


boutique 5- Neighborhood boutique. 5 Lincoln st.


Stones (or in it’s Hebrew name- ‘Avanim’)

This is a well known Jewelry shop that’s located on Sheinkin street and has been working for over 20 years. The owner is super friendly and is always more than happy to assist, and the shop contains almost any style you can think of. Most of the stuff is a personal collection that the owner himself imports from different countries around the world, but you can also find some unique handmade jewelry that he designs himself, on top of a few Israeli designers that present their designs in the shop. One of the benefits of this place is that there is also a working studio inside- which means you can get stuff custom made on the spot. The jewels here are made of silver, gold, and brass- so there is something for everyone!

Stones- Sheinkin 4


My favorite jewelry shop. Everything here is made of gold, and the jewelry is vintage-inspired and absolutely beautiful. The owners are super friendly and are always very helpful, and there’s no chance of going in and not purchasing a piece- beware 😉


Not For Sale

This super-cool boutique has a collection of the finest street fashion brands from all over the world. The vibes here remind me of cool hidden shops in Berlin, with different types of goods on top of the fantastic wardrobe and shoes (vinyl, art/tattoo magazines and more).

Not For Sale Gallery- Ba’alei Hamelacha 3

Belle and Sue

Belle and Sue combines elegant TLV form and Rock&Roll edge. They carry international brands like Melissa, Cheap Monday, J Brand and more. They have a variety of pieces for both men and women, along with changing home accessories for the interior soul. This place is a must for any fashion addict.

Belle&Sue- Sheinkin 41


Not exactly a boutique, as this unique fashion store has eight different shops around the city, but I just had to include them in this post. Story managed to form a very special concept in their shops, something that not many places managed to succeeded. All of their shops are designed to perfection, and each has a unique style of it’s own, while maintaining the same vibe of the entire branch. They have carefully chosen brands that showcase cutting edge fashion from around the world. In addition to fashion, they have specific stores with home decor, stationary, cool tech stuff and amazing lifestyle designs of almost anything you can think of.  Perfection!


           Sheinkin 60 + Sheinkin 64

           Dizengoff 246 + Dizengoff 94

           Sarona complex

          Azrieli mall



To all shoe lovers- this is the place for you!

Shoofra hold a very unique line of shoes from different brands and designers from around the world… not one of those many shops that hold the exact same styles… here you will be one of a kind, because shoes deserve the right amount of attention 🙂

Their shops are always beautifully designed, and you get fashion-inspired from the second you walk through their doors. 



Sheinkin st./Dizengoff st./Melchet st./other locations around the country


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