Hahashmal Neighborhood

A few days ago I went for a stroll around the city with my mom, and came across one of my favorite buildings in Tel-Aviv, that is known for it’s unique Bauhaus and Eclectic designs.

This beautiful designed building is located in the heart of Levontin- a well known street located in ‘Gan Hahashmal’ neighborhood – which is basically a few streets that gather around a local garden that’s called ‘Hahashmal’- meaning ‘Electricity’. So yes, it’s actually the garden of electricity neighborhood! Or even better- the Electric Garden neighborhood. kind of sounds like a cool band name 🙂 

This area of the city has been transformed from the once declining neighborhood that it was, into one of the hippest alternative places in the city, with young fashion and jewelry designers all around.

Situated between Tel Aviv’s beating heart and quirky Florentin neighborhood, Gan Hahashmal is a small quarter situated  between the streets of Allenby, Yehuda Halevy, Barzilay and Hahashmal. Gan Hahashmal was named in honor of its distinction as Israel’s first neighborhood with a power plant in the 1920s.

Although this neighborhood is rather small, there’s something magical about it and it’s rustic feel. It’s only a few streets but has everything you need- a couple of nice local cafe’s, galleries, a cute cosmetics boutique that’s all about unicorns and pink! An AMPM supermarket, a local bookstore, a gourmet burger spot, a mexican hangout, a sushi bar, some trendy boutique shops to wander around in, and the Levontin 7– a rustic night pub with live shows. 

The area is a hidden gem in my opinion, and other than neighborly locals and some hardcore Tel-Avivians- not many will come across this super-cool place. Definitely recommended!!




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