Tel-Aviv Night/Where to drink in Tel-Aviv

Tel-Aviv is knows as the city that never sleeps…and the options for an afterwork beer or a late cocktail are endless! But I do want to introduce some of my favorite hang outs, which I think anyone who comes in the city should definitely visit!


(Beers, happy hours, old school vibes, good music!)


The ultimate neighborhood bar you will ALWAYS want to come back to. This is with no doubt my favorite bar in town!

I think that what makes this place so unique is the fact that it’s so easy going, simple, with many regular customers that are looking to have a good time with beer and friends. The staff is super friendly, professional, always up for a quick chat and make you feel entirely at home! Unlike many Tel-Avivian bars and night cuisines- this place is effortlessly cool.

I also LOVE the music here, that varies from classic rock, funk&soul and smooth hip- hop. I can also say that, in my opinion, this place has the best happy hour in the city- with 50% off the entire menu. Their selection of alcohol is amazing, and there is also yummy food you can enjoy along with it 🙂

Mozner- Ehad Ha’am 51

Opening hours: Everyday 18:00-5:00, Fridays from 20:00

Always going back to Mozner

Salon Berlin

In the heart of ‘Kerem Hateymanim” neighborhood you can find this traditional looking bar, which has a 1+1 happy hour until 22:00 each night and cool, informal vibes. On summer nights the place expands with many outdoor tables- allowing you to enjoy the feel of this laid-back, unpolished neighborhood. The Carmel Market is right around the corner so this could be a good choice for a cool beer after doing some cruising of the area.

salon berlin
Summer vibes at Salon Berlin

Salon Berlin- Najara st

 Opening hours: Everyday 12:00-3:00


The Minzar is one of the oldest working bars in Tel Aviv. Located at the vibrant center of the city, the crowd is a mixture of hard-core regulars, as well as walk-ins and tourists. All are welcome to enjoy the wide selection of beers and other alcoholic beverages. They also serve tasty food- great for midnight snacks!

Minzar- Allenby st. 60

Open 24/7!

October Bar

Another local neighborhood bar, perfect for an early evening drink. This place also has some great DJ’s and live shows every now and then. Chilled atmosphere and a cute terrace for embracing the street vibes.


October- Ehad Ha’am st. 60

Opening hours: Everyday 19:00-4:00, Fridays from 20:00


A cool neighborhood bar fit for a relaxed night out. This place pays a great deal of attention to every detail in the food menu which offers great hamburgers, pizza, fresh sea food and dishes from the Georgian kitchen. The Peacock has a sophisticated vibe and opens in the early evening hours. It’s location near the Habima Theatre makes it a perfect place to enjoy nice drinks and a good meal before/after a show. 

Peacock- Marmorek 14, open everyday 18:00-3:00

Rooftop Bars

The Prince

Also known for it’s hebrew name “Hanasich”. This is a rooftop bar with bohemian vibes, located on Nachalat Binyamin street which is one of the coolest streets in Tel-Aviv. This is one of the nicest places to sip a cocktail, a glass of wine or a cold beer while embracing the atmosphere of this neighborhood. The bar is a couple of steps away from the Carmel market and Sheinkin street and has good food, good music and fun summer vibes.


Fun rooftop vibes- The Prince

(pic taken from timeout magazine)

The Prince- Nahalat Binyamin 18

Opening hours: Everyday 17:00-1:00, Fridays 12:00-19:00

Kanta- drink & dine

The vibe at Kanta is a mix of an urban outdoor garden and a cozy cocktail lounge with great drinks and dishes.  If you’re looking for a sophisticated hangout this could be the place for you! Great for birthdays, special occasions or a girl’s night.

Kanta- Ibn Gabirol 71

Opening hours: Everyday 20:00-3:00 (Fridays from 21:00)

Suramare- Located on the tenth floor of an office building, this place is one of the hottest places in town. The Suramare is a culinary bar that serves a variety of dishes including fresh fish tatare, pizzas that are baked in a tabun oven, different salads and very tasty cocktails. The place has a unique atmosphere that combines a Tel-Avivian feel with something a bit different- I guess there’s something to being above the fast pace, hectic city and watching it all from up high… 

Suramare- open everyday 20:30-3:00

Se’Adya Ga’on 24

Trendy Spots

(Trendy but never go out of style in TLV)

Rothschild 12

This place is one of the city’s hippest hangouts, attracting a cool Tel-Aviv crowd both day and night. The Cafe-bar is located at the southern stretch of Rothschild Blvd, has an outdoor patio where people watching is mandatory, and has really cool vibes. During the day this is a great place to sip good coffee and eat their delicious cheesecake, and at night the place transforms into one of the trendiest bars in town, with live performances, DJ’s and a large selection of drinks. Besides the outside patio- inside awaits a surprisingly chic space, with a grand piano, two bars, dark decor and great music.

On weekends this is a great place to enjoy a delicious brunch, drink a colorful cocktail and enjoy life.


UPDATE- New location: Hertzel 16


Port Said

Port Said is actually everything anyone could be looking for! It’s a restaurant, a bar, a vinyl library, and one of the coolest spots in the city. The place has a variety of amazing music playing all the time (Funk, Rock&Roll, Jazz, Electronic and more). Eyal Shani is the chef who’s in charge of the food here- which is simple yet amazingly delicious!! It’s the kind of place you won’t want to miss, but have to take into consideration that waiting in line is a regular routine here and there is no option to make a reservation in advance.

Port Said- Har Sinai 5 

Opening hours:  

Sunday-Thursday- 12:00-5:00AM

Fridays- 12:00-19:00

Saturdays- 12:00-5:00AM


The Teder actually started as a ‘travelling’ radio station that broadcasted each summer from different spots in Tel-Aviv…but in the last couple of years they’ve taken over a permanent spot in the southern area of the city and are open the whole year round! The place is an open air area, with cool DJ’s, live shows and unique alternative vibes. They also serve REALLY good pizza 🙂

Their opening hours change from time to time so I would recommend checking their Website or Facebook before arriving.

Teder- Derech Jaffa 9

Teder- unique alternative vibes


Kuli Alma

Kuli Alma is a music and art-focused nightlife institution located in the south of Tel-Aviv. When you enter the Kuli Alma you will be revealed to different types of vibrant street art, vintage films and art videos that are projected to the walls, all in an open air courtyard. The place also consists of 3 separate rooms- each with it’s own music and feel. The place constantly hosts artists and there are live shows almost everyday plus a variety of DJ’s from around the world. They serve interesting ice drinks (the vodka and melon is my favorite….with colorful gummy bears on top!) and also have a food menu with pizza, vegetarian dishes and popcorn for anyone who just wants a little snack with their beer. 

Kuli Alma- Opens everyday 21:00-5:00

Cocktail Bars


Jasper Johns Bar

This super cool bar has a variety of creative drinks that will blow your mind away! The staff is really friendly and they have some of the best bartenders in the city. It’s known as a late night bar- you can arrive at 5 in the morning and still be welcome with cheery smiles.

Jasper-Johns-before the night begins

Jasper-Johns- Dizengoff 190

opening hours: Everyday 18:00-6:00


Award winning cocktails and creative Mediterranean cuisine makes Bellboy a must visit while in Tel Aviv. The Bellboy is a fancy cocktail bar with Tel-Aviv’s most respected cocktail team. When you enter this unique bar, located in the Bardichevsky Hotel, you’ll feel like you have gone back in time to the early 1920’s. It all starts with the retro setting- vintage ceiling, velvet seating and parquet floors, and with the Jazzy tunes and well dressed staff- you’re in for an experience that you’ll never forget- and that’s before we discussed the ravishing, creative cocktails. 

Bellboy- Open Sunday-Thursday 18:00-3:00, Friday-Saturday- 10:00-3:00

Live Music

Beit Haamudim

This chilled spot has live Jazz gigs every night and offers a cool, laid back atmosphere. It’s located in the heart of Nahalat Binyamin st.- a few steps from the Carmel market. Facebook Page.

Beit Haamudim- Rambam st 14,  

Opening Hours: 

Sunday-Thursday: 12:00-2:00

Fridays: 9:00-4:00AM

Saturdays: 7:00-2:00AM

The Barby

A live music venue that features both israeli and non-israeli artists. You can check the setups on their Facebook page.

Teder Teder.FM

Rothschild 12- Check out their events

The Pasaz

A hidden underground spot with changing events- parties, live shows and special events. Each Sunday there’s a blues jam where all blues lovers can sign up and play in front of a loving, regular crowd. Check it out- The Pasaz.

The Zone

Amazing music venue with all kinds of musical line-ups. The Zone.


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