Horrible August in Tel-Aviv/ The day I fell in love with the city

Although Tel-Aviv is definitely one of my favorite cities in the world (and no matter what- it’s home), July and August (and even September) are months where I wish I could elope to a whole different, cool, far away country. The heat is unbearable, really it’s almost impossible to walk the streets and enjoy anything in this heat! I might be exaggerating a bit (or not) but right now I can’t stop thinking of cold wind, grey skies, Jazz sounds, the smell of coffee and new boots!

I think Tel-Aviv has a completely different vibe when winter finally kicks in.

I remember the day I actually fell in love with the city after moving here, it took about three months but it finally hit me. It was at the beginning of winter season, I went for a walk with my mom around the neighborhood, there was something in the air…it’s like the city had shifted. The colors, the atmosphere, the streets…everything seemed different. I liked it, and I knew I was here to stay.

Meanwhile, I will try to coexist with the stickiness… moving from one air conditioning to another…and dreaming about a chilly day on Rothchild Ave.

Rothchild Ave on a cool winter day


Reminiscing on winter moments in the city…


A picture I took a while back on a rainy day at Habima Square


Waiting for October…



Or even November…


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