Coffee Break- My favorite Cafe’s in Tel-Aviv


I have to admit that ever since I can remember myself I had a thing for coffee and coffee shops and anything that had to do with sitting in a nice decorated space, with the smell of fresh coffee, killing time with people watching and day dreaming while sipping out of a cute mug!

That being said, I also have a years long “tradition” with my dad of meeting each morning for a cup of coffee in one of the many Cafe’s in our area- before each one of us starts their day.

So, yes. I’m a cafe addict. And Tel-Aviv has a lot to offer in that area.

These are, in my opinion, some of the best Cafe’s in Tel-Aviv, each with their own unique style:

Cafe Nahat 

Nahat is a Micro-Roastery & Cafe located in the heart of Tel-Aviv. ‘Nahat’ in Hebrew means peace of mind, comfort- and those are the exact vibes you get while sitting in this easy-going friendly Cafe. I really think this place serves one of the best coffees in town, which is freshly brewed in several methods. Among their many types of coffee and special blends (including an amazing cold brew coffee- great for hot summer days), they also serve wonderful sandwiches, salads and pastries.

Nahat Cafe- Raynes 1, Tel-Aviv

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday 8:00 – 22:00 
Friday 8:00 – 18:00 
Saturday 9:00 – 22:00



While I would usually recommend visiting small, local cafe’s (as apposed to a branch)- this Cafe definitely deserves a visit. ‘Loveat’ have several Cafe’s around the city- all modern looking, with good music, good vibes and really good coffee. They also serve amazing pastries (their chocolate croissant is worth the calories 😉 ). AND- their coffee is organic- another nice touch to the whole package. They also have a selection of sandwiches, salads and a traditional Israeli breakfast.


Barzilay 1/ Dizengoff 232/  Tarsat 4 (The “Bima” square)

Loveat Cafe- organic coffee and amazing chocolate croissant 🙂


WayCup Coffee

Or as I like to call it- my second home- another great coffee spot in the heart of Tel-Aviv and my personal favorite. It’s small and intimate, with a super friendly and professional staff that will always remember your name. They have fresh roasted coffee (REALLY good), and some pastries and cakes to sweeten your day. They recently opened an additional branch in the trendy “Hahashmal” neighbourhood.

WayCup Cafe- Yohanan Hasandlar 23 / Mikve Israel 17

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 6:30-20:30

Friday: 6:30-16:00




Cafe Lusia 

This Cafe is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv and on one of my favorite streets- Balfour st. It’s a very quiet and local spot with many regular customers and is a great place to visit if you want to take a small break from the main streets and the crowds. They also serve good quality sandwiches, salads and lunch meals.

Cafe Lusia- Balfour 18

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 6:30-20:30

Friday: 6:30-16:00



Tony Ve Esther

This is a really cool coffee spot in the heart of Levinsky Market  (a great place to wander around in). The vibes here are hip and young, and it’s also a great place to grab a cold beer and some yummy small dishes on a mid sunny Friday. This spot is really easy going and unique and has a good street vibe to it.





{Meaning- the bottom/ the subway}

This is one of the most busy and successful Cafe’s in Tel-Aviv. It is open around the clock, packed with people all the time and has a wide range of dishes to choose from- pasta, fish, meat, salads, sandwiches, toasts, cakes and specials.  Many people sit here with their laptops and work, and there’s also a smoking area inside (which is hard to find in Israel- usually smokers need to sit outside). This Cafe has a fast pace to it and is actually located in a spot where not many tourists get to (although it’s in the center of town- minutes from Rothchild Ave.)

Hatachtit- Lincoln 9, open 24/7



Coffee shop 51

Small, charming, neighborly, great fresh roasted coffee. If you’re planning on eating something you need to take into consideration that besides a couple of mini sandwiches there isn’t much to choose from- so it’s definitely all about the coffee 🙂 you’ll also get a small, delicious butter cookie with your cappuccino.

Coffee shop 51- Ehad Ha’am st. 51

Opens everyday 7:00-20:00

Fridays until 16:00



So- among the many Cafe’s around the city, these are the ones that I actually LOVE going back to every single time… they’re all located in the center of Tel-Aviv but around the main areas and not in the heart of them- so only people who know the city well will usually be the ones to enjoy these wonderful gems.

I highly recommend finding the small, unique places that are located around the well known streets. Only a few steps away from Rothchild, Sheinkin and Dizengoff you can find really great places with cool vibes.

However, I must say, there’s a highly developed coffee culture in Tel-Aviv, so no matter where you go- there will always be a cup of caffeine waiting right around the corner 🙂



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