New Beginnings + My Florence Love

Ok, so it’s kind of funny planning on writing a blog about the city I live in- Tel-Aviv, and making my first post about a totally different city- Florence- but after a perfect week of tasting (literally) this city- I just can’t help it.

But before I jump straight to all the wonderful things Florence did to me…I guess I should start with a short introduction 🙂

So, I’m Dana. I live in Tel-Aviv, and have lived here most of my life (except for a couple of years in several other cities in Israel and three memorable years in the US when I was a kid). I am currently an Interior Design student, I have a law degree but decided pretty quickly that being a lawyer is not for me (Suitcases, law courts and suits- out!)

I think I’ve always been drawn to writing. I remember that even as a kid I used to put my thoughts in writing…and up to this day making lists and putting words on paper is something I love doing, and do automatically- every chance I get. As to writing a blog- it’s been on my mind for several years, but I guess it’s that sort of thing that’s really easy to put off.

But I’m done with putting things off all the time 🙂 which brings me to THE subject of this post- My dear Firenze.

My trip to Florence wasn’t planned, I wasn’t on vacation and the thought of going there wouldn’t have crossed my mind if it wan’t for my all time favorite band (Jamiroquai), that had released a new album and gone on tour. While taking a look at the tour dates- something about Florence felt right. One thing led to another and we made it a family trip- My mom, my brother and I.

From the moment I stepped on those beautiful and historic streets I just knew it. It was definitely love at first sight.

Florentine Windoe
While waiting for our host- spotted one of the oh-so-many beautiful windows of this gorgeous city.

I feel like it’s really hard to explain- but there’s just something about this city. I guess it’s a combination of the warm Italian people, the amazing food, the beautiful buildings and the art that is EVERYWHERE in the city. And to be more precise- the city is the art itself.

The ice cream at Venchi, the steak at Trattoria Tito, the shops in the Oltrarno Neighborhood, the many cafe’s around the city, the language that is like music to the ears. Florence is a place you fall in love with.

* (I will skip the full story of the Jamiroquai gig and how I accidentally ran into Jay Kay the next day- but had to mention it, even in one sentence, because it was so crazy and so amazing and a million other words that will not describe the feeling even a bit 🙂 ) *

I came back from Florence with something else. I feel that something has changed, that more will change, that my life has to take some kind of twist. Florence pushed me to writing this blog, to doing things without thinking so much, to appreciate kind people, it made me want to travel more, to meet new people, to experience music, to learn a new language, to open my mind.

At the last day of our trip we sat for a final coffee at a nice place called La Ménagère- which is also the first coffee we had when we got to Florence. We sat on the bar and I spotted a local paper with the title “Firenze- it’s not just a city- it’s a feeling“.

Oh, so true 🙂




7 thoughts on “New Beginnings + My Florence Love

  1. Florence does tend to capture hearts 😉 Glad you liked her. I’ll be back in March. To live it can be challenging but to visit for a week or so at a time is perfect. You will LOVE Rome too I am sure. It’s a completely different experience.


      1. September is such a great time to be here. I’m in Florence right now… raining (as usual) but beautiful. A friend of mine runs a beautiful B&B so let me know if you ever need a place to stay!


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